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Francesco Valsecchi, Esq., a native of Rome, received a high honors law degree from the prestigious Università of Rome "La Sapienza," where he received his professional legal education. He became a member of the Bar Association of Rome in 1992 and became a registrated attorney of the Italian Supreme Court in 2004. He has worked with the extraordinary branch of the Italian government, the Minister of Communication. He has been a member of the Commission to reform the Civil Process and the Committee of Technology and Science of the High Commission that coordinates the public finance system and the tribunary system of Rome. Mr. Valsecchi recently served on the Executive Board of ENEL S.p.A. Corporation (the national Electric and Gas company) and prior to that, on the board for Poste Italiane S.p.A. (the Italian national postal service). He is president of the company BancoPosta Fondi S.p.A. SGR as well as a counselor for various other prominent companies. He is also member of the steering committee of Ned-Community, the Italian association of non executive and independent directors. Valsecchi is leading attorney in the practice areas of civil and commercial law, especially in contractual negotiations and corporate litigation. In addition, he has extensive and notable experience in the areas of telecommunication and energy.

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