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Elena Pietropaoli, Esq., from Frosinon, received her law degree from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with a thesis on private legal insitutions entitled "Illicit Financial Information and the Responsibility of the the Informed View." Prior to passing the legal bar exam, she developed the biannual notary practice for Rome Studies, where she collaborated on both education and editorial for the cancellation of inherited real estate deeds. She also attended the Roman School of Judicial Studies under Savlio Giuliano and notary Vicenzo De Paola, the course "Notary of Guido Capozzi e the School of Notary Anselmo Anselmi of Rome. Ms. Pietrapoli has authored articles on the subject of privacy, professional secrets, bail bonds, credit elimination, among other topics. A member of the Order of Attorneys of Rome, she pracices in the civil sector, with particular attention to social and banking laws and the business criminal code. She has recently received a scholarship to the Regional Institute of Carlo Jemolo of Rome and is completing coursework on "social criminal law."

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